“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”

Marcus Aurelius


We are Reego, the consultancy of the 21st century. Our practice relies on professional but flexible work arrangements among collaborators that are experts in the fields and geographies. 

Our focus is on supporting the development of business and partnerships accross borders. For that our collaborators have in-depth knowledge of the language, legal system, business environment and culture of the places in which our clients want to operate. 

Clients come to us because they require professionals who can support their global strategy while being attentive to local challenges and obstacles. The complexity of furthering an international plan and keeping the flexilbity to make it succeed in each location is what distinguishes our working approach. 

On this website, you should be able to find testimonials from our clients as well as case studies that showcase the projects in which we work. We are values-driven organisation that expect the result of our work to produce a positive environmental and social  impact

We support 180 Degrees Consultancy, the larges social enterprise and NGO coonsultancy, by sponsoring their Channel 180 which covers topics relevant to entrepreneurs working to develop their impact businesses.

Our Values


We pride ourselves on our capacity to deliver work under short time-frames and to adapt quickly.


We work across different industry sectors and geographies and have a profound understanding of cultural differences. We value diversity in our clients and collaborators. 


We are not simply a consulting firm. We strive to design solutions with and for our clients that promote the change necessary to increase productivity and standards of living across the planet. 


Our philosophy is based on a can-do-attitude, we strive to use mental models and frameworks in ways that actually generate results in the real world.

Our Vision

To become an advisor of choice for enterprises and non-profit organizations seeking to grow and develop business and partnerships across borders.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide legal, policy and strategic advisory services to businesses and non-profit organizations reaching out to the next level.