#ANUGA 2019

Greatly enjoyed attending ANUGA2019 in Koeln, Germany, the largest agricultural trade fair in the world and seeing so many familiar faces. Fantastic event by FGVEurope with discussion by Cesar Cunha Campos (FGVEurope), Leonardo Lahud (Deputy Secretary for EUMercosulTradeAgreement), João Dornellas (BrazilianAssociationofFoodIndustriesABIA), Alexandre Jobim (BrazilianAssociationofSoft-DrinksandBeverages – ABIR) on industry perspectives and on the international expansion of FGV (the leading Latin-American think-tank) into Europe.

Extremely relevant facts about Brazilian agriculture  were shared during ANUGA2019:

• 3rd largest food producer

• 66.30 % native vegetation intact

• 7.8% of territory dedicated to agriculture

• Increasing agricultural productivity based on research

• 248% increase in productivity with 36% increase in producing area

• International cooperation key to guarantee this success story and environmental protection

Enjoyed meeting with Magdalena Smorczewska (APEX Brasil), Lhais Sparvoli (Beef Exporters Association), Sergio Meirelles (Frigotil) and Fhatina Salles (BRMill) and discussing about myth and reality in the associations frequently done between Agricultural production in Latin America and environmental protection.



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