Educational Policy Gov Trip – Bangladesh

Reego Solutions was engaged to support the #Bangladesh Government in a #WorldBank financed mission to Germany and Italy in October 2019. The goal was to learn more from the European perspective in providing educational services to migrant and refugee children. Bangladesh has been the refuge for millions of #Rohingya people escaping persecution in neighboring #Myanmar. We have met with representatives from the ministry of education of the respective countries and with officials from organisations such as the #UNHCR and the #RedCross.

In Germany: There is no segregation of students and a great emphasis is given on acquiring fluency at the German language. There are however specific welcome and integration classes to get students up to speed. Additional teachers are provided for schools with high refugee intake. State governments are then reimbursed by the federal government.

In Italy: Focus on integrating the family into the student life by arranging activities out of school. This supports mothers to learn the Italian language.

Special thanks to Dr. Michela Corsi (#USRLazio), Roland Schilling (#UNHCRItaly), Prof. Ulrich Mehlem (#Goethe-Universität Frankfurt), Petra Becker (#BackonTrackSyria), Mr. Martin Rentsch (#UNHCRGermany).

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