For many organisations shaping and informing the policy and political environment is crucial if strategic goals are to be achieved. This includes considering and engaging with labour, tax, trade and regulatory authorities.

Reego is focused on defending its clients and contributing to discussions in a variety of topics that relate to clients’ political and policy interests. For such, we provide intelligence and policy assessments, manage and develop campaigns and develop regulatory and legislative strategies.

The work developed by Reego in this area relies heavily on the highly localised knowledge of its consultants who are proficient not only in the local language but in the traditions, culture and societal structure necessary to engage with the right stakeholders.

Our teams are capable of mapping stakeholders, engaging leadership and informing the agenda. Our modern approach integrates social and digital media in campaigns and assessments. We plan a key role in building and influencing coalitions and alliances around relevant issues.

What we can do for you:

  • Stakeholder and Policy analysis and research
  • NGO stakeholder engagement
  • Cross-border issues and crisis communications
  • Integrated communications
  • Lobbying and direct advocacy
  • Development of content

Regulatory Advice

With the advent of new technologies, governments around the world hurried to pass regulatory frameworks. In an increasingly evolving and complex regulatory landscape, a strong compliance framework combined with comprehensive, accurate and proactive advice is a key factor for businesses to be able to adapt to regulatory change and the growing pressure from regulatory bodies.

Our regulatory advice team provides guidance to clients facing compliance, governance, and risk management matters. Our teams are tailored depending on the client’s industry, its specific needs and the geography. We distinguish ourselves for providing comprehensive and business-oriented advice.

What we can do for you:

  • Review, advice and monitoring of regulatory and compliance requirements concerning the digital economy (platform economy, data protection, blockchain, cybersecurity, etc) and international investment;
  • Customised training in the areas mentioned above to bring staff up-to-date with new developments;
  • Assistance in local and EU regulatory matters (anti-bribery, anti-money laundering, pharmaceutical and medical devices, specific product or operation regulation, etc.).