Danilo Sales Costa, a serial entrepreneur, double qualified lawyer in the UK (2012) and Brazil (2008) and Masters of Public Policy in Germany (MPP 2019) founded Reego Global Solutions. The initial scope was to provide legal and strategic support to businesses and organizations planning international expansion.

Over the years, Reego developed into an international investor that takes new business models and technologies to new frontiers (specially, in the legal, language and digital space). Despite its investing arm, it has remained a boutique consulting firm providing a variety of specialized services. Our structure is flat and flexible, with teams formed to fit the occasion. Our work is highly customized, agile and efficient.

What distinguishes us is in-depth cultural, legal, language and business knowledge of the geographies in which we operate. We master the skill of adapting global strategies to what local opportunities dictate normally pushing frontiers of what is possible and bending reality.

On this website, you should be able to find testimonials from our clients as well as case studies that showcase the projects in which we work. We are a results and values driven organisation that expect the result of our work to produce a positive environmental and social impact.


We support 180 Degrees Consultancy (Berlin Branch, Germany), the largest social enterprise and NGO consultancy in the world, by sponsoring their Channel 180 podcast that covers topics relevant to start-ups and social enterprises.


Our values

We are a values-based business and pride ourselves on the following values:

AGILITY > a capacity to deliver work under short time-frames and to adapt quickly

PRAGMATIC > a can-do-attitude, we strive to use mental models and frameworks in ways that actually generate results in the real world

IMPACT > a desire to promote the change necessary to positively impact society and nature

DIVERSITY > an understanding of industry and cultural differences valuing diversity in clients and collaborators



Our mission is to contribute to the execution of growth and expansion strategies by our clients in a variety of geographies where local expertise is key to delivering the strategy